Friday, July 22, 2011

A few links

1. Ever since Matt Buckley used to bring the newest issue of The Economist locked into his clipboard with him to class in high school, I've been fascinated with the publication.  One of the big kind-of-vague goals of my life is to have my research discussed there.  So it was a big unexpected surprise when I woke up this morning and learned there will be an article about "safe savings rates" in the new issue heading to the newstands now. I didn't know this was in the works.

The Economist, "The wrong number: People should focus on their savings, not withdrawals" July 21, 2011 (from the print edition)

2. Mike Piper's Oblivious Investor blog is a great resource about do-it-yourself investing.  For the last few weeks he has been linking to my blog posts in his Investing Blog Roundup, and I can see firsthand how popular his blog is. I'd really like to thank him, as these days most of the visitors to my blog arrive through his links. 

3. A reason why Mike's blog is so important is because investors really need to be careful about fees.  The compounding effects of fees over time can really serve to lower one's returns. Fees can be rather high in the US, but in many ways Americans are really well off compared to investors in other countries.  A former student (Dennis Yanchus) of one of my friends wrote an article at the Canadian version of Morningstar comparing mutual fund fees between the U.S. and Canadian mutual funds. It is a thorough article, and even if you are not Canadian, it provides an important reminder of just how difficult it can be to know how much you are paying for your investments. Dennis is now starting his own mutual fund/industry analyst firm, and I wish him the best.

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  1. Congrats on the mention in The Economist! That's great recognition. :)