Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A few updates

Just when I was starting to build some momentum with my blog, things have slowed down in the past few weeks.  A couple of events this month will result in fewer blog posts for a while. First, our second baby, Genevieve, was born on September 5.  Everyone is doing well and she is a good girl.  

Second, I have become the program director for the Macroeconomic Policy Program at my university, and it is taking some time for me to get transitioned into this new position.

Actually, this month has brought a number of other changes as well.  Today, I was confirmed as a CFA charterholder, which I am quite relieved about.  I wasn't sure if my work experience would qualify or not.  

As well, I am now a Special Advisor to the Board (Academic) for the Retirement Income Industry Association.  I'm quite excited about this opportunity, and it will be quite educational and move me in better directions for research. They emphasize to first build an income floor, and then focus on any remaining upside potential. This is something that sort of exists in the background of the "safe withdrawal rate" style research I have mostly been writing about.

As well, next week I will be attending their Fall Conference in Boston, where I will have the opportunity to speak about the significance of Duncan Williams and Michael Finke's article, “Determining Optimal Withdrawal Rates: An Economic Approach,” which won the Academic Thought Leadership Award.  I think that paper is very interesting; it is the paper I hinted about in an earlier blog post about Retirement Withdrawal Rates 2.0.  It is public knowledge that this paper won the award, and pretty soon the article will be published.  I've written a short essay/article about it called "Retirees and Utility Maximization" which I hope I can get published somewhere to promote some of the findings of the Williams and Finke paper. The key idea is that retirees might be willing to accept much higher failure rates that commonly assumed.

As well, while I'm in the U.S. next week, I'm also looking forward to the opportunity to present a seminar at Texas Tech University's Division of Personal Financial Planning.

So, posting on this blog will be slowing down for a while, but in a few months I hope most everything will be back to normal in terms of working on research and writing about it here.

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  1. Congratulations on the new positions! And it's good to hear that all is well with your family. :)