Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Live Presentation on March 27

Hello from Los Angeles!

On March 27 at 6:30 PM Pacific Time (9:30 PM Eastern Time) I will be giving a 1 hour seminar presentation at California Lutheran University mostly about my research on "safe savings rates." I learned that anyone is allowed to freely join in for the live seminar, though only those with registered access can view it afterward.  You can see the information for joining the seminar.

Please consider listening in if you are interested.

As for background reading, my presentation will be focusing on my safe savings rates article from the May 2011 Journal of Financial Planning.


  1. Wade --

    It's great that in your presentation tonight you're covering your Safe Saving Rate work. That's one of your most valuable, especially for younger folks at universities. I hope students and younger faculty out there appreciate the value to them of what you will be covering. Appreciate in advance, that is, and attend.

    That gets me to a related subject. It's true of many other blogs that each post is a short-life topic of the day, but yours here is a growing treasure chest of posts of enduring value. Listing by post date does not convey this. "Popular Posts" helps a little, but not enough. Is there some way you could create a permanent page that is some sort of table-of-contents or index of your entire blog? Maybe organize the posts by topic area? Maybe also a list of some of your most-most valuable? In the latter list, I'd sure include your Safe Saving Rate material, and also your Aug 24 treasure chest of graphs with your JFP article that leads to them.

    I hate to think of visitors looking at the list of your posts at right and mistakenly thinking anything more than a month or week old is "out of date." NO! They are of enduring value!

    Dick Purcell

    1. Dick,

      Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

      I do have something in the works along the lines you are suggesting.

      Best wishes, Wade